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SPIRIT - Sprout and grow! To be the giving tree

"Nurturing students like nurturing a tree."


The founder of Chodang University, Kim Ki-Un (also known as 'Chodang') is the CEO of Baekje Pharmaceutic Co., LTD and Chodang Pharmaceutic Co., LTD. In 1968 he made his first footstep to become a forest management specialist by adopting Liriodendron tulipfera (Tulip Tree) in one of the bare mountain in Korea. The size of this mountain was more than 10 million square meters large and the creation of this project became 'Chodang Forest' which is also known as the Korea's largest artificial forest. In 2008 his effort has recognized by both public and government and this forest has become a model for Korea forest management by Korea Forest Service.

Chodang Forest is a long-term project of experiment to adopt and breed Liriodendron tulipfera (Tulip Tree) in Korea. There are two main advantages Mr. Kim Ki-Un choose Liriodendron tulipfera. First, this tree is known to have strong resistance against insect plague allowing more efficiency to cultivate when it is once adopted. Second, it is also known to have great quality limber which is more productive in the market. But with these advantages Liriodendron tulipfera was not adopted in Korea since there questions about the survival of this tree in Korea climate. However with the effort and experiment of Mr. Kim, the known fact was proven to be wrong, and later his effort was recognized by Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) and been selected Liriodendron tulipfera as one of the 10 recommended tree stocks.

Chodang University was founded on the philosophy based on this passion and effort known as "Nurturing students like nurturing a tree". With this philosophy the university's education system focus and support for students to grow and become a useful individual for society as Liriodendron tulipfera.