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Dept. of Kumdo

First of its kind in Korea, the department of Kumdo trains students in the four foundations of Kumdo: ‘Kumdo people proficient in both literary and martial arts’ who possess tenacious will power and manners; ‘cultured Kumdo people’ who possess scientific knowledge and comprehensive understanding of Orientalism; ‘excellent Kumdo people’ possessing a highlevel practical skill ability; and ‘global Kumdo people’ possessing foreign language skills and comprehensive understanding of international society.


Dept. of Social Physical Science

Major in Social Physical Education

This major promotes understanding and knowledge of human behavior including health, leisure, society, and sports science based on physical activities. It trains leaders who can instruct in more than 7 areas of sport per person including: practical affairs and techniques in multiplayer sports, after school mentoring, practical technique courses, high skilled marine sports, etc.


Major in Security Martial Arts

This major trains security guards to possess a sense of responsibility, faithfulness, morality and high-level intuition to protect other’s life and property. For this purpose, it teaches students comprehensive theory and practice. As well, it concentrates on rearing competent security guards who will be in charge of the safety of our society


Dept. of Applied Music

Students can major in both practical music and classical music. They all learn computer music and are able to compose and arrange popular and commercial music. All faculty members do their best to train to be better musicians, favorable for employment through a variety of music educational tools.