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Establishment of Condor Flight Education Center



The first Flight Education Center managed by University in Southern Korea Flight Education Center is located in Muan International Airport having facility in standard of international level.

System consist with high-tech flight training equipment and training programs Offers customized education course by highly qualified training faculty members for everyone.

Acquire Infrastructure and Transport license from Ministry of Land after graduation.

Provide career management opportunity as a flight instructor after graduation.

The Center of Local Culture

Muan is a location where it has environmental advantages to input great professions into local market such as Provincial Government, the West Coast Expressway, Muan International Airport, Muan Flight Industry Cluster, and Mokpo International Outer Harbor, Korea-China International Industry Cluster.

The Center of True Education connecting Nature-Environment-Human
  • Provide true education under the idea of 'Raise up a person like you would a tree -with the sincere mind'
  • CDU was awarded The Korea True Education Grand Prize in the sector of local educational development.
  • Emphasis is placed on developing local talent to realize their full potential through the Chodang Talented Person Concept.