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Welfare Scholarships

  • Labor Scholarship
  • National Student Assistants program: unfixed amount
  • National Scholarship type Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Service Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Chodang Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Family Scholarship (more than two students enrolled from one household): 10% tuition fee exemption

Speciality Scholarships

  • Physical Education Specialty Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Advanced Civil Servant Nurturing Scholarship: full four-years
  • Military Consignment Scholarship: unfixed a mount
  • Contribution Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • National Examination Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Chodang Talented Person Scholarship: 50,000 won to 600,000won for each semester after qualifying (mileage scholarship)

Globalization Scholarships

  • Exchange Student Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Study Abroad Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Overseas Training Scholarship: unfixed amount
  • Overseas Service Scholarship: unfixed amount

Freshman Scholarships

  • College Scholastic Ability Test Korea(CSAT) Class S: full four years
  • CSAT Class A: full three years
  • CSAT Class B: full two years
  • Chodang Leader Scholarship: full one year, plus overseas language training support (4 weeks)
  • Department Specialization Scholarship: application differs for each department
  • Baekje Scholarship: one million won per semester (Graduates from Baekje High School)
  • Tulip Tree Scholarship: 50% tuition exemption for 4 years (Children of Baekje Pharmaceutical Co., LTD employee)
  • Dormitory Scholarship: four year dormitory utility exemption(Students from islands and those receiving social security benefits)

Academic Grades Scholarships (enrolled students only)

  • Excellent Class S: full tuition exemption
  • Excellent Class A: 50% tuition exemption
  • Excellent Class B: 20% tuition exemption
  • Excellent Class C: 10% tuition exemption